Character Inspiration: Evan

Although he isn’t one of the main protagonists, Evan is an impressive figure in the first quarter of my novel and one of my favorite characters!  I hope you enjoy this little excerpt!‌ Maybe it will spark some ideas for you on your writing. He’s a handful, but he can also spout some wisdom too.

Here he is talking to the protagonist, Trick.


“What do you think is out there. Past the borders, I mean.”

Evan was silent, but she could feel his gaze on her for several moments before he too turned towards the stars still visible above the Altered neighborhoods.

“Wolves, probably. Maybe they have beer. If what’s out there is just more Province though, then fuck that. I’ll take our world over the Province any day.”

Trick cocked an eyebrow. She hadn’t realized there was a difference.

“Pretty sure we haven’t left the Province. Have we?”

“Course we have. This world-” he ground the butt of his cigarette into the stone as though pointing to where they were right now, “is a world of truths, unlike the rest of the Province.”

“Eh. Half-truths.”

“Fuck no. No halfway bullshit here. Full truths. Here’s a truth to feast your fangs: You’re never going to know everything about me and I’m never going to tell you.” ‌Evan searched his bag for his pack of smokes, a string of swears emanating but not quite making it to her ears. ‌He gave up, tossed his bag to the side and fell back to lean on one elbow, rubbing his free hand over his eyes and down the stubble dotting his jaw. “And I’m never going to know everything about you.” His hand waved absentmindedly towards her before he lay down fully. “What’s real is what I‌ see before me and I’m not going to spend time philosophizing about what I can’t see. Waste of damn time.”


Was this helpful? Would you like to meet more of the characters? I’d love to hear what crazy Evan brought to mind for you!

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