About Me

I am KJ and I help others to fully express their true selves by sharing my own journey through writing my first novel. I love all things puppies, penguins, travel, tea, and soccer and have lived in four different countries. I’ve finally taken the plunge and have taken up the pen on a series of YA novels I began and set aside five years ago. I’ve created this blog to chronicle the musings, triumphs, setbacks, pains, sparks, and all the emotions in between that come with writing my novels and, through those novels, my own journey back to being me. Keep watching this space, because by the end of 2020 I intend to have a book deal for the whole series!

My beautiful goober rescue, Meera, called many things except her given name.

Writing has always been in my blood, but it’s taken many years of denial and subsequent setbacks for this realization to really sink in. Looking back, my life was a series of highs that crashed down into deep depression. Those highs were the moments when I threw it all to the wind and didn’t hide who I was. But it wasn’t sustainable. In 2018, for the first time, I contemplated suicide and that terrified me (along with those close to me). Something had to change. Why would I keep hiding what I truly wanted to be, to do, to become, when hiding only brought me unimaginable grief? I wasn’t living.

I quit my job, I took the plunge into writing full time, I attended personal development seminars. And now here I am, sharing my journey to becoming 100% me. It’s hard; I am very much a work in progress (and aren’t we all?). It’s one thing to know, but another to actually do. Unlearning years of habits is challenging, but if my journey can help others to find the confidence to be who they are, I will not hold back. My hope is that somewhere in here you may find the confidence and inspiration to share your own creations and your true self. Because the moments when I am completely me, I am happy.


This blog is always meant to be more than simply my journey; my intent is for this space to become a community for creators to share everything that goes along with the journey of expressing and creating. Because creating is really a rite of passage and we are all meant to create and share those creations. Coming back to social media is part of my journey, but I’d love to see you over on twitter and instagram. And if you want to share any part of your journey with us here on the blog, I would be honored! Leave a comment, contact me on twitter or instagram, or email me! I would truly love to hear from you!